How to start a blog on GoDaddy in just 7 Easy steps ?

how to start a blog on godaddy

You know that if you know “How to start a blog on GoDaddy”, then it could be the best decision of your life because you will make money by getting more traffic and running ads. And you will get brand awareness through your blog also.

Whether you want to promote your online business or want to create a personal brand if you know how to create a blog, you could achieve that goal easily.

One more benefit of starting a blog is that you will have complete control because you could do whatever you want with your blog.

But if you are totally dependent on Social media apps then you will not have full control because your social media app might be banned in the future.

Why we should start a blog on Godaddy?

If you are a beginner and want to start a blog then Godaddy will be the best option for you. Here you will get so many plans from minimum budget to maximum budget.

For those who have a very limited budget, they could go with Economy Plan and for large business owners, they could go with other plans like maximum or ultimate plan.

Their technical support is quite good at such a minimum budget and also you get so many other great features like an excellent uptime, one-click installation, and many other benefits.

How to start a blog on GoDaddy: A Step by Step guide

Here in this article, you are going to know all about creating a blog from choosing a niche to making money through your blog.

#1 Select the best niche for your blog


Now, this is the first step of “How to start a blog on GoDaddy” because if you have not selected a perfect niche for your blog then you will keep blogging for years and you will get no result.

How to choose a perfect niche?

Let’s know these little steps to find the best niche for your blog

  • Choose your area of interest
  • Research the other blogs related to your niche
  • Find whether there are affiliate products in that niche is present or not.

If you have selected the niche which has good traffic and low competition then you could get a good amount of traffic in less than a year.

#2 Find the best blogging platform

blogging platforms


Here’s the second step of “How to start a blog on GoDaddy”.There are two types of platforms you will get one that is free which is hosted solutions and the second one is paid which is self-hosted solutions.

Free platforms

If you are blogging on or on then you will not have full control of your site. And if you will violate any rule of them then your entire site might get banned and deleted.

One more problem with the free platform is that you will get a subdomain of Blogspot with and WordPress with

Self-hosted platforms

This is also called a content management system and the most popular one is

With just a few dollars per year by investing in web hosting and domain you could get complete control of your blog.

You must select a self-hosted platform if you are serious about blogging and want to make a good amount of money with it.

#3 Choose a domain name

domain name

This third step of “How to start a blog on GoDaddy” is really crucial for you because your blog will be known by your domain name. You could get your domain name through Godaddy.

So if you are selecting a domain name then choose your domain name with your niche related. You could also find a suitable domain name for your blog through their GoDaddy domain checker.

But if are not getting that name then there is no problem because you could select a name that has some catchy sound.

Like is a domain name but it does not express an eCommerce store. It’s the name of a river amazon.

#4 Choose your web hosting plan of GoDaddy


GoDaddy offers the best hosting plans in the market at an affordable price and it is the biggest domain and hosting provider in the market.

You will get an excellent uptime of 99.99% and a free website builder.

Their basic plan is Economy which is best for the beginner having a limited budget and they have also a maximum plan which is best for larger businesses and online stores.

They give you a fast and responsive Cpanel and also an MYSQL database which is included in all the plans.

So this is the 4th step of “How to start a blog on GoDaddy” that you must select the best web hosting plan of GoDaddy to build an awesome blog.

#5 Build a WordPress blog


With GoDaddy 1 click installation, you could automatically build your website on WordPress.GoDaddy also gives you so many tutorials and good customer support to build you an awesome website.

This 5th step of “How to start a blog on GoDaddy” is basically telling you to use all the tutorials present on Godaddy to build your professional blog.

#6 Select the theme and best plugins for your blog

plugins and themes

If you have not selected the best theme for your blog then you could never design a wonderful blog because a good theme creates a good user experience.

There are many themes present in WordPress. Most of them are free and many are paid also so if you are a beginner you don’t need to spend money on themes.

But if you are getting good traffic and earning from your blog then you could purchase a great theme to grow your blog.

Plugins are also very necessary to build an awesome blog. But you know that there are thousands of plugins present so you have to be very careful while using the plugin.

Using more plugins could reduce your website loading speed so you must have the knowledge to know which plugins are best for your blog.

Here you could check:

So this 6th step of “How to start a blog on GoDaddy “is very crucial for building a professional and awesome blog.

#7 Write content and promote your blog


After building an awesome blog, the last step of “How to start a blog on Go Daddy ” is to write more and more content for your blog.

If you are going to write any blog post then research is the 1st step and the most important step.

To write great content, you will have to do great research of your post by reading other articles related to your blog post and creating your unique and better post.

If you will have the skill in SEO writing then you could write your post in such a way that it could rank on google easily. And this will automatically promote your blog without any money.

But along with SEO, we should use social media to promote our blog because this will bring new visitors to your blog.

After getting a good amount of visitors to your blog, you could run ads and make money from your blog.

 You could also earn money through affiliate marketing by promoting products related to your niche on your blog.


These 7 steps of “How to start a blog on GoDaddy” will help you to build your blog easily.

And as you will publish your content and promote it properly then you could make money from your blog in a very easy way.

GoDaddy really gives you all the great features to build a professional blog even for beginners.









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