GeneratePress Vs Astra theme: Who wins the fight



generatepress vs astra

If you are really serious about building a great and awesome website then choosing the right theme between Generatepress vs Astra can play a great role.

So here in this article, you are going to know about two of the best themes called GeneratePress and Astra theme. You know that both themes are the best themes in the marketplace.

But here we will compare the various features of both of these themes GeneratePress Vs Astra and see which will be best for you.

While choosing themes, we should not just focus on the best visuals of the theme but also on various other things like its customization, performance, and mobile responsiveness of the themes.

GeneratePress Vs Astra: A Detailed Overview

You could choose any of these 2 themes because both are the best themes. But here you will know about the pros and cons of each of these themes and you will know the best theme among these two GeneratePress and Astra.

GeneratePress theme

generatepress theme

This lightweight and super fast theme are one of the best themes for your website. It is a super mobile-friendly theme and this theme has both free and paid versions.

With its free version, you could customize your website a lot and if you have the knowledge of CSS then you could do more with its free version.

But its premium version is really great if you want to build an awesome website with just drag and drop.

These pros and cons will guide you to make the best decision between GeneratePress vs Astra theme


  • Its pricing and renewal price is low.
  • You will get WooCommerce integration.
  • Ready-Made templates are also available with this theme.
  • Extensive documentation and various header options
  • You will get Guttenberg Addon Integration also
  • Highly Compatible with most page builders


  • No white level feature
  • The default style is dated
  • No lifetime plan

Astra theme

astra theme

This is the best WordPress theme present till now. Along with the help of Elementor and its features like custom layouts, you could create an outstanding website.

Its free version is enough to make a beautiful website but with its paid version you will be limitless in creating your website.

Along with great customizations and various features, you also get very great customer support with this theme.

This is a developer-friendly as well as SEO friendly theme because of its lightweight and fast loading speed. It gives you the best integration with page builders.

It has excellent documentation and third-party integrations.

These pros and cons will guide you to make the best decision between Generatepress vs Astra


  • This theme gives you very fast page speed
  • Whitelabel features also come with this theme
  • No comment styling options are also available
  • It comes with superior mega menu features
  • This theme often comes with awesome new updates


  • Little slow than GeneratePress
  • Little costlier than GeneratePress

#1 Ease of use

Both of the themes are very easy to use as compared to other themes of WordPress.But, in Generatepress vs Astra which one is better.

You get so many modules and documentation with both of these themes so you could easily do whatever you want to do with your website.

If you are using the free version of both of the themes then you will not find more differences but if you are using its premium version then you will find a lot of differences.

But, Astra is better than GeneratePress because customization in Astra is very easy and user friendly.

#2 GeneratePress Vs Astra: Their Speed and Performance


Your website loading speed matters a lot because if your website is not fast then you will lose a lot of visitors.

Both of the themes are lightweight themes of size 30 Kb t0 50 Kb which is very small so you will get a very fast speed with both of the themes.

But, Which is better GeneratePress Vs Astra after customizations?

After a lot of customizations, your website speed is affected. But with Astra, you will still get your fast speed.

#3 Documentation and Support

If you are a beginner then documentation and support are very important for you. But you don’t have to worry because both of the themes have very good documentation and support.

Now you don’t need to ask for the developer to make your website more attractive because both themes have great documentation that could help you at every step.

But in GeneratePress vs Astra which one has a detailed knowledge base?

Generatepress knowledgebase is getting better and better. So with GeneratePress, you will get more detailed documentation.

#4 WooCommerce Integration

Both these themes give you a feature of woo-commerce integration. It means you could easily set up a wonderful online store easily.

You will get an extensive layout and customization option for your website by using any Generatpress or Astra theme.

Now, Which is best among Generatepress vs Astra?

Astra has an edge over Generatepress because it gives you a lot of extra customization options as compared to Generatepress.

With Astra, you could select the order of your product information in which they appear.

#5 Modules

With generate press, you get 15 modules and Astra gives you 16 add-on out of which 2 are yet to come. But by looking just at the modules, you can’t decide which is the best among Generatepress vs Astra.

Astra wins in this feature because it gives you a separate add-on for just a “Scroll to top” button.

Apart from this, Astra also gives you so many free plugins. You get so many plugins with Generatepress also but Astra takes customization and flexibility to a new level.

Conclusion: Who wins the fight between Generatepress vs Astra?

who wins: generatepress vs astra

You know that both these themes are outstanding themes in the marketplace. But with Astra, you get more customizations and control to make your site great.

With Astra, you get so many features like more free plugins and wonderful page builders support as compared to GeneratePress.

You also get more features in the layout section in Astra as compared to Generatepress.

So, we recommend you to go with the Astra theme.




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